INCOSE SEP Exam Preparation Workshop

The 5-day workshop is an exploration into the INCOSE knowledge exam and the INCOSE System Engineering Handbook in such a way that you are well placed to pass the exam.

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How this workshop will help you attain ASEP or CSEP

  • Learn from experienced leaders in certification who have practical knowledge in applying the INCOSE SEH processes
  • Study with the use of several helpful learning aids – including a workbook and 200 practice exam questions
  • Post-workshop support – we’ll answer any questions about the SEH, CSEP application, the exam or certification in general and we’ll help to keep you on-track by checking on your certification status

The Adult Learning Approach

All PPI and CTI are designed and developed by world-leading experts. Different people learn in different ways, so we provide a variety of approaches through the workshop. We build in some of the key principles of adult learning:

  • Self directed and goal oriented
  • Use of examples relevant to the workplace
  • Freedom to explore
  • Social learning
  • Games and interactive exercises
  • Fun learning
  • Chunks
  • Visuals
  • Encourage mistakes
  • Ways of seeing progress
  • Recaps and reflection 

India UTC +5:30 (IST 17:30) | (Workshop)* CTI Live-Online
(Exclusive to India)
15 Jul – 19 Jul 2024
 *The workshop is a truncated version of the 5-day INCOSE SEP Exam Course and is available exclusively in India.

Upcoming Workshops

Register and pay 30 days prior to the workshop commencement date to receive a 10% early bird discount.

Are you a full-time student? Enter the coupon code STUDENT_DISCOUNT at checkout to receive a 20% discount. Note that proof of full-time student status is required.

India UTC +5:30 (IST 17:30) | (Workshop)* CTI Live-Online
(Exclusive to India)
15 Jul – 19 Jul 2024
 *The workshop is a truncated version of the 4-day INCOSE SEP Exam Course and is available exclusively in India.

  • A computer/laptop with 14 inch+ screen
  • 10Mbps+ internet bandwidth
  • A microphone (built-in or external)
  • A camera (built-in or external)
  • A (hard) copy of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook V4
  • A comfortable, fairly quiet space to work
  • A good attitude and a thirst for learning

At the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

    • Distinguish between important concepts of the handbook
    • Analyze each systems engineering process to develop a rich understanding of the process and to promote retention of content for the exam
    • Evaluate a set of candidate answers to determine the correct answer in the presence of detractors
    • Extract high value from the handbook through discussing applications of the processes in real-life scenarios
    • Comfortably prepare for the knowledge exam on their own or in small groups with access to several learning aids

A physical copy of the SE Handbook V4 is highly recommended during the workshop!

  • Delivered via Zoom – you do not need to have a paid account
  • The workshop is comprised of content presentation, group workshops, quiz questions and discussion.
    All workshop materials, learning aids, joining information will be sent to you the week before the workshop.

1. Register 

Complete our quick-and-easy registration process for the workshop of your choice. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with details to help you prepare for the workshop. You will also receive instructions on how to connect electronically to the workshop.

2. Setup 

Before your workshop begins you will be given a download link where you may access and retrieve your class files, print any required documents and install and configure the web conferencing software on your device/s.

3. Join the workshop

On each day of the workshop, you are invited to connect to the virtual conference room 30 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time Here, you will be greeted by your facilitator and the other learners. At the scheduled time, the workshop then commences!

Monday to Friday India UTC +5:30  (17:30-21:30) Live-Online

Q: Does the workshop use pre-recorded training videos?

No, CTI Live-Online delivered training does not contain any pre-recorded training videos. The workshop maximizes  the benefits of virtual learning while maintaining the value that arises from interaction between facilitators and delegates. This is unlike any other on-demand workshop.

Each workshop provides live training delivered by our expert facilitators in real-time. With CTI Live-Online delivered training, you will be in the classroom virtually, you will see and hear the facilitator, view workshop graphics, take notes, interact with the facilitator, ask questions, hear other learners’ questions, interact with other learners and take part in the many workshops typically in a group of three or four.

Q: Do I need to download software to participate?

Yes, you will need to download web conferencing software on your chosen device/s. The software is free to download and use.

Q: Is the platform secure?

The web conferencing software has a number of features to ensure that classrooms are secure. CTI is following best practise to ensure the security of our virtual classrooms including enabling the waiting room feature and requiring a password so that only permitted guests join the classroom.

Q: Do I need anything other than the web conferencing software installed, and an internet connection?

We recommend that you maintain a cell phone,  landline, Skype, or WhatsApp link at hand, capable of accepting domestic and international calls.  A contact number will need to be provided during the registration process .

You should also have some means of taking notes and drawing diagrams. For efficiency of time, an A4 or Letter size notepad will probably be best. If you have access to a tablet or phone that allows you to do free-hand sketching, that could be a bonus.

Q: Where is the workshop facilitator located?

The facilitator delivers the workshop live from one of our studios worldwide.

Q: How will I participate and receive assistance?

By using  a microphone/headset or computer audio, you can listen to and speak with your facilitator, while normally being able to see each other and other learners, so getting involved is really easy. Simply ask a question using your microphone, or alternatively, if you prefer to  raise questions/  comments with your facilitator via chat or email.

Featured Course Reviews

Thank you for offering such a comprehensive course. I found the material really useful and definitely feel that I am in a better position to take the test after attending the course.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Delegate, United States of America

CTI’s ISEP exam preparation course has led to over 30 of our engineers becoming INCOSE ASEPs, leading to CSEPs and also ESEP

BAE Systems, Delegate, United Kingdom

The broad overview and the insight on the PM side was good. I also enjoyed the team management module together with the acknowledgement of the realism required in project planning.

Carl Zeiss Optronics Pty Ltd, Delegate, South Africa

Good balance of presentation and workbook/workshop activities. I liked the training style a lot.

CTI Live-Online, Delegate, Australia

I have learned the concepts and a lot of processes and methodologies. They will be very useful for me to do a good job.

AVIC, Delegate, China

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