About INCOSE Certification

The International Council on Systems Engineering has established a multi-level Professional Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Certification Program.

The program offers the Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) that recognizes individuals who wish to be recognized as knowledgeable but without demonstrated SE experience. The qualification for the ASEP is possession of SE knowledge typical of a junior systems engineer, as evidenced by passing the knowledge exam.

The Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) recognizes systems engineering practitioners who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in many aspects of the discipline. The qualifications for this level include education, SE knowledge, and SE experience that serve various job profiles of an experienced, all-round systems engineer.

In addition to the videos below, comprehensive information about the program including forms, guides, FAQs and other resources is available at https://www.incose.org/systems-engineering-certification.

Description of ESEP, CSEP, ASEP

Difference between ESEP and CSEP

Difference in career path for CSEP versus ESEP

What are the unique criteria that distinguish a Systems Engineer from a Project Manager? 

What is the process of becoming a CSEP?

How can I write about work experience when I work in a classified environment?

How is the work experience evaluated?

What can candidates do if references not familiar to INCOSE terminology?

What are some common problems in looking at applications that have easy solutions?

How is experience for applying for CSEP described differently or the same as applying for ESEP?

Is there space for someone who is a Program Manager but not a Systems Engineer?

When is one of those certifications appropriate to stay at?

What cost and work is required for your employees to remain certified?

Why should a junior engineer get certified?

Qualifying degrees

How to determine CSEP and ESEP Cert references are qualified?

Tips on choosing your references

What does it take to maintain ASEP and CSEP certifications

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