Mudit Mittal

Master Certificate SDM (MIT), MS

Principal Consultant and Course Facilitator

Mudit Mittal is the Technology Director at BlueKei Solutions. He has over 13 years of industry experience spread across Embedded Systems Development, Network Systems Engineering, Model Based Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, and competency development for Enterprise. He has a Masters Certificate in Systems Design and Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He has been actively associated with INCOSE as the Technical Officer at INCOSE India Chapter, and co-chair for the INCOSE India MBSE Local Working Group.

Mudit has worked with John Deere, where he was responsible for Systems Engineering Competency development and MBSE adoption. He was working as a Subject Matter Expert, defining requirements and developing framework to adopt and scale MBSE tools and practices for the Enterprise. He has been very active in developing and delivering trainings at scale around MBSE and Systems Engineering. He has also worked on developing Embedded Systems and Innovation projects for many years, requiring designing hardware, develop software, Model and Simulate and test the concepts in fields. He has also worked with Tata Motors, and Actia India as an Embedded Software Engineer.

Mudit is passionate about Systems Engineering, and about the overall Digital Transformation. He enjoys coaching and mentoring and delivering trainings. In 2020, Mudit Mittal joined BlueKei Solutions as one of the Directors. At BlueKei he has been active in conducting trainings for various organizations and solving customer problems by consulting them on Systems Engineering adoption and applying SE principles to develop custom framework which fit within their constraints.

In 2021, Mudit joined his colleagues Stueti and Deva from BlueKei Solutions presenting CTI’s INCOSE SEP Exam Prep Course, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Apart from his business activities, he enjoys cooking, learning about technology, and traveling.



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