PhD, ESEP, Fellow of INCOSE

Course Facilitator

Dr. Ron Carson is a Fellow of the International Council on Systems Engineering, an Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP®) certified by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and is currently a presenter for Certification Training International. His INCOSE Fellowship appointment in 2008 is “for developing and introducing advanced requirements theory and methodologies in an industrial setting.”

After completing his PhD in Nuclear Engineering in 1983, focusing on nuclear fusion and experiments regarding laser of heating of magnetically confined plasmas, Dr. Carson was employed for four years with US aerospace company, TRW, Inc. At TRW, Ron gained significant experience in nuclear engineering modeling fusion reactor systems, conducting experiments and analyses on radio-frequency heating of isotopes in low-temperature plasmas, and modeling phenomena and system responses to high electromagnetic fields and current.

Dr. Carson began working for The Boeing Company in 1987, and continued employment for 27 years. During his Boeing career he worked on a variety of systems including the Boeing 777 airplane and a high-power, ground-based free-electron laser. He also received six patents related to the application of phased-array antenna technology and systems for bringing the internet to commercial air travel. In his last decade at Boeing he was responsible for systems engineering measurement, process development and definition and model-based systems engineering tool development. During this period, he also received two patents regarding generating and assessing structured requirements.

Since retiring from Boeing as a Technical Fellow in Systems Engineering in 2015, Dr. Carson has been an Adjunct Professor in Engineering at Seattle Pacific University, the University of Washington, and the Missouri University of Science & Technology, teaching an undergraduate course on “System Design”, and graduate courses on “System Architecture and Model-Based Systems Engineering” and “Systems Engineering Management”. Dr. Carson is the author of numerous conference papers regarding requirements analysis and systems engineering measurement and is the developer of numerous industry systems engineering training courses.

Dr. Carson publishes regularly on LinkedIn regarding such diverse topics as global warmingsystems engineering, and managing exposure to SARS-CoV2. He also maintains a YouTube channel, “Ron on Requirements”, with presentations of his papers on system requirements analysis and model-based systems engineering.

Dr. Carson has a PhD from the University of Washington in Nuclear Engineering (Experimental Plasma Physics), and a BS from the California Institute of Technology in Applied Physics. His current interests are applying systems engineering to everyday problems he encounters and explaining physics to his many grandchildren using simple demonstrations. He also enjoys listening to and performing classical music, and has been a choral singer, vocal and flute soloist, and choral conductor.


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