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Tips for Taking the INCOSE Hybrid Exam


Since August 2023, the INCOSE Knowledge Exam has transitioned into the Hybrid Exam format, covering content common to both the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook Fourth Edition and Fifth Edition. This shift marks a significant change in the examination approach for aspiring Systems Engineering Professionals seeking Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) or Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) certification. To help you navigate this updated exam format, here are some essential tips for tackling the INCOSE Hybrid Exam successfully:

Study Material Compatibility: The Hybrid Exam encompasses content shared between the Fourth and Fifth editions of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook. Candidates who have prepared solely from either edition have reported passing the exam on their first attempt (that is the intent of the Hybrid Exam). This indicates that studying from one edition is sufficient for exam readiness, though a thorough understanding of underlying concepts is highly beneficial.

Handbook Content Focus: While the INCOSE SEH 4E (and more so in 5E) references primers, guides, and other resources, it’s essential to note that only content directly mentioned within the handbook is testable in the Knowledge Exam. Since the Certification Program Office is just one of many stakeholders of the INCOSE SEH 4E and 5E, references in the handbook serve other purposes beyond certification. Focus your study efforts on the handbook’s content to align with exam expectations accurately.

Exam Structure and Marking: The marking system for the Hybrid Exam mirrors that of the standard exam, with correct answers carrying full marks and no partial or negative marking. It is recommended to allocate approximately one minute per question, as the online exam consists of 120 questions, each worth one mark, to be completed in 120 minutes. For the paper exam, 100 questions are allocated to be completed in 100 minutes. Occasionally, beta exam questions may be present, but they do not contribute to the final score. Extra time will be permitted to complete these beta questions, though they do not count towards the total score.

Question Format: Expect multiple-choice questions in the Hybrid Exam, with each question requiring you to select a single answer. The number of possible answers for each question in the Hybrid Exam is four. Familiarize yourself with this format during your preparation to enhance efficiency and accuracy on exam day.

Equivalent Exam Difficulty: Despite the transition between Knowledge Exam formats (4E to Hybrid to 5E), the overall exam difficulty remains consistent. INCOSE ensures this equilibrium by balancing question complexity for different sets of questions, hence there is no fixed pass-mark. Approach the Hybrid Exam with the same level of preparedness as you would for any other version of the Knowledge Exam.

Special Accommodations: INCOSE’s Certification Program offers special accommodations for candidates requiring additional time or support due to various reasons such as language barriers or medical conditions. Submit a Special Accommodations Request form to the INCOSE Certification Program office well in advance of your exam date to arrange for accommodations. Please submit a form to sep-exam@incose.net and wait for confirmation before scheduling the exam.

Consider Additional Preparation: If you’re aiming for certification and seek to streamline your exam preparation process, consider enrolling in CTI’s INCOSE SEP Exam Prep course. These courses provide comprehensive coverage of the Systems Engineering Handbook Fifth Edition, detailed insights into differences between the Fourth Edition and the Fifth Edition, hundreds of sample practice questions, and practical tips for applying handbook concepts in real-world projects.

N.B: The above details apply to the Hybrid Exam and may change for the Fifth Edition exam.

In conclusion, while the INCOSE Hybrid Exam introduces a new format, diligent preparation and adherence to these tips can equip you for success. Prioritize understanding core handbook content, familiarize yourself with exam logistics, and leverage available resources to optimize your performance on exam day. Ensure that you visit INCOSE’s certification webpage to get the latest information on the INCOSE Knowledge Exam and ASEP, CSEP, and ESEP certification.



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