About the workshop

  • The 5-day workshop is an exploration into the INCOSE knowledge exam and the INCOSE System Engineering Handbook
  • At the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:
    • Distinguish between important concepts of the handbook
    • Analyze each systems engineering process to develop a rich understanding of the process and to promote retention of content for the exam
    • Evaluate a set of candidate answers to determine the correct answer in the presence of detractors
    • Extract high value from the handbook through discussing applications of the processes in real-life scenarios
    • Comfortably prepare for the knowledge exam on their own or in small groups with access to several learning aids
  • Delivered via Zoom – you do not need to have a paid account
  • Comprised of 2 x 90-minute daily sessions followed by a 30-minute break
  • The workshop is comprised of content presentation, group workshops, quiz questions and discussion
  • All course materials, learning aids, joining information will be sent to you the week before the course
  • A physical copy of the SE Handbook V4 is highly recommended during the workshop!


  • A computer/laptop with 14 inch+ screen
  • 10Mbps+ internet bandwidth
  • A microphone (built-in or external)
  • A camera (built-in or external)
  • A (hard) copy of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook V4
  • A comfortable, fairly quiet space to work
  • A good attitude and a thirst for learning

What you will get as part of the workshop

As part the workshop, you will receive:

  • the set of courseware for the workshop in .pdf format
  • a workbook for self-study
  • 200 exam questions for self-assessment
  • several learning aids to help with understanding and memorization of the SEH content
  • support from expert systems engineers leading up to your exam

How this course will help you attain ASEP or CSEP

  • Learn via proven adult-learning techniques (guided by the Coaching Café):
    • Exercises draw on past project/workplace experience
    • High degree of group interaction during class
    • Application of theory in one’s own field and to practical scenarios
  • Learn from experienced leaders in certification who have practical knowledge in applying the INCOSE SEH processes
  • Study with the use of several helpful learning aids – including a workbook and 200 practice exam questions
  • Post-course support – we’ll answer any questions about the SEH, CSEP application, the exam or certification in general and we’ll help to keep you on-track by checking on your certification status

The Adult Learning Approach

  • All PPI and CTI are designed and developed by world-leading experts
  • Different people learn in different ways, so we provide a variety of approaches through the course
  • We build in some of the key principles of adult learning:
    • Self directed and goal oriented
    • Use of examples relevant to the workplace
    • Freedom to explore
    • Social learning
    • Games and interactive exercises
    • Fun learning
    • Chunks
    • Visuals
    • Encourage mistakes
    • Ways of seeing progress
    • Recaps and reflection 

Workshop Overview